Time being spent streaming videos has doubled in three years

Research from Nielson has found that the amount of time being spent streaming online videos has doubled since 2008, due to the increase in content available for users to watch. As well as the total minutes increasing, the number of unique viewers has also increased by just over a quarter in that period.

It is believed that the amount of time watching videos has increased due to the rising popularity of sites which offer TV programmes on demand.

As well as watching more content, users are also seeing more advertising and promotional videos. In September, comScore revealed that advertising and promotional videos reached nearly 50% of those who watched videos online with each user seeing an average of 37.6 videos per month.

Nielson’s research also revealed the demographic of people watching videos online. 40% of all online video is watched by users aged 18 – 34, and these are statistically one of the age groups most likely to have disposable income and are therefore worth being targeted with advertising.

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