How different businesses can use online videos

Faster internet speeds, new technology and the rise of video sharing websites mean that creating online videos is now within the reach of more businesses than ever before. No matter what industry a company is involved with, they can find a way of utilising online video so here’s a guide to the way different sectors can use video.


Shops and retail

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth even more to companies in the retail sector! Do your stock justice by showing it off in a video which allows viewers to see items in their full glory, demonstrate how products work and show just how helpful and informative your staff are by letting potential customers see them in action.


Finance and legal

Build trust by letting potential customers see you delivering advice and information in person and tell viewers all about your expertise and successes without them having to read reams of text. You could also use a video for testimonials from satisfied clients to show just how good you are.


Bars and restaurants

If you offer venue hire, let your customers see exactly what you offer from the comfort of their own homes. Showcase your delicious food and helpful staff, as well as your location, features you offer and any entertainment you provide, to ensure that people choose your for their event.


Having an online presence is now the key for hotels. Online booking and review sites have changed consumers’ behaviour towards booking accommodation, and people now want to see where they are staying before they go. Pictures are great but promotional videos are even better. Give your guests a guided tour before they arrive and show off just how good your facilities are!


Whichever industry you’re in, here at Vidify we can help you create the perfect promotional video for your needs. Browse our website to see examples of our work and contact us for more information on what we could do for you.


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