More people viewing video on tablets

A study into online viewing habits has found that tablet owners view longer than desktop or mobile users, showing that companies need to put more focus on creating tablet-friendly content.

The research from technology provider Ooyala found that tablet users were more likely to complete watching an online video compared to users of desktop computers, mobile devices or games consoles and connected TVs, showing that user engagement is much higher on tablets.

Users of tablets watched 28% more of a video compared to desktop users, and video completion rates on tablets were more than double the rate of desktops and 30% more than mobile devices.

As well as showing completion rates, the research found that users of different devices watched videos of different length. Short clips were more likely to be watched on desktops, with more than half of all content watched on laptops and PCs being 3 minutes longer or less. Longer videos were more likely to be watched either on tablets or connected TVs and games consoles. Three-quarters of the content watched on tablet devices was 3 minutes or longer, and for connected TVs and games consoles, three-quarters of the content watched was over 10 minutes longer.

The popularity of watching videos on different devices means that businesses that are looking to create promotional videos can be much more creative and can experiment with longer videos to be watched on various devices.

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